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LOVE Your #Realtor Career

I did a post last week that really asked all #realtors to take a honest assessment of how they felt about their real estate career.  Do you still love it?  Are you still passionate about real estate?  What aspect of real estate are you most (and least) passionate about doing?  These are things we constantly, as real estate agents, need to be asking ourself and practicing acute self awareness so that we maintain a career where we are happy and in turn we can make our clients happy.

I am a firm believer in making sure you are pursuing your passion when it comes to your career.  And if you are in real estate, that passion will shine through, and be very apparent when it is lacking.  I mean, why would you work 40 years in a job you dont like.  Now i am not saying you are going to like every aspect of selling real estate.  And i am also not saying that there won’t be bad days.  But you need to really be able to answer if you love growing your real estate career and real estate business if you want to have longevity of success.  Without passion and satisfaction that you are doing, on a macro scale, what you love to do, then many will be the days of stress and depression that leave you frustrated, unhappy, and miserable in a career that is not earning your enough money or emotional and mental well being.

I speak so plainly to the fact that if real estate is not the career for you, you should get out.  Or maybe, at least, find the 1 or 2 things that you are really good and really like about the real estate business and join a team where you only focus on that part.  Being super self aware of both liking the realtor career role, or even just the aspects of the process or real estate business you do like could lead to a path of not only success, but true well being and happiness in your life.  Don’t waste time and energy in real estate if you don’t really want to be there….but if you do, realize you have the greatest career on earth, and act like it! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa