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I know you have heard this sentiment before.  But how many of us really practice it?  How many of us our focused on business instead of gauging ourselves against other people in our industry or career.  In the real estate industry, this may be more true than in most careers.  It is so easy to be caught up in the competition against other agents or other companies around you that you begin to try building your business by knocking those around you down.  Whether with innocent comments or marketing that (in a passive aggressive way of course) takes a swing at others in your “farm” or market territory.  Maybe how other companies failures prove that you are more successful…but does that really make sense?  And in the long run, is that really the win you want?

I have heard the expression that “my building will stand the tallest because i am building the tallest, not tearing the buildings around me down so mine looks the tallest”.  Or at least something like that.  The idea is simple – focus on what you are trying to grow your business to be.  Focus on your success, not others short comings or fails.  What do you bring to the table – why is your realtor expertise the best – how will you market the home – what over and above service will your buyer clients come to know when they choose you as their myrtle beach area real estate agent?  The picture you want to show to win in the long run is how good you are, not how bad someone else is.

This not only reflects well on the ethical side of business practice, but it just makes sense in truly having a genuine focus on making your career and business the best you can make it.  Don’t waste time and efficiency focusing outside or on someone else when what you are trying to grow and achieve honestly deserves your full attention.  Don’t play the “compare” game put on some real blinders to when others want to try and tear others down to build themselves, and take the better path to genuinely focus on what you do best (and make that the focus for potential clients) to grow your real estate career. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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