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Mindset Matters – As A Realtor

So if you are not a basketball fan and do not watch March madness, then you were spared from the wrenching heart ache of watching your team suffer defeat like i did yesterday as the UK Wildcats were handed their exit from the NCAA tournament via the UNC Tarheels.  I now have a new hatred for the Tarheels, that partners with my hate of Duke and pretty much filtering to any basketball team in the state of North Carolina.  Now, i say that with trepidation and mild delirium of depression that should wear off in the not too far future – and since i still sell real estate in North Carolina i need to not offend any potential clients and customers.  But….still.

It hurts and it affected my mood all day.  My snapchat is littered with depression and frustrated rants.  Why even work today?  (of course we did welcome a new agent to our Eagle Realty team, so that was worth a smile) – but besides that, crappy monday.  And it showed.  My work level was sub par, my drive 20% at best.  My accomplishments….pretty minor.  My mind wasn’t in it, so my body wasn’t as well.  So, where is your head at n most day?  do you see a correlation between mood and production?  Do you see a direct link between your mindset heading into the day and how your day results by the end?

It’s a simple lesson you have heard many times.  To be the most productive you must have the right mindset.  Here is how i try to maintain it on each day.

  1. Routine – each morning has a routine i try to stick to start each day with the right rhythm.
  2. To Do List – check off each item and have it prepared before you start the day.
  3. Block out the haters – noise cancel the noise.  Find the positivity – and if you can’t find it – make it – in your posts, in your blog, in your interactions, your family or wherever.
  4. End the day relaxed – when in doubt – go to bed early, get a good night sleep and know the next day will be better.