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More #Content – 2019 Realtor Series

Chris, didn’t you preach this all last year?  Do you really need to keep saying it?  Yes, you are right – my theme for 2018 was #MoreContent.  I was consumed by creating more value add content for real estate agents and their careers.  Not only to give content that i felt would provide nuggets of truth and wisdom mixed with tactical advice to advance and grow your real estate career, but also to give a model to copy.  Sometimes it was more beneficial to see how much i was posting, where i was putting content out and at what times and the context on each platform so you could copy the method but use your own creative.  Honestly, a normal realtor or broker should NOT being “saying” what i am saying because my context is recruiting agents to build our team here at Eagle Realty in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  But between watching me and following our Content Manifesto for Realtors ( ) I was on a mission to give a blueprint for real estate agents to follow.  But now, you have to execute.

#Content is just another way to say marketing and branding.  You are building the foundation of your business through your brand to last for the long haul.  Whether an “up” or “down” market, your long term success will rise and fall on how you built your brand.  And you build your brand through content.  This is why it is still a sub-category in our 2019 theme of #More.  It is a pillar so to speak of what we should be focusing on.  This career series for realtors is to show you 4 key areas that i believe my 2019 needs to be about, and while they may not be exactly what you want yours to be about, i think you may want 1-2 of them, or even have ideas sparked from reading them that inspires your own.  But even if you dont have a “word” like i do, i think you can relate to the concept of wanting “more” for this year.  You want to grow your business, be more of a father, wife, husband, mother, and overall be better.  That is what i mean by more.  Not just money or wealth, or success or closings, but more out of who you are and what your business (brand) is trying to accomplish.  More is moving forward and creating legacy, not just transactions.

This is why content is so important.  And i am not talking about what your franchise or brokerage provides you.  You need to build your OWN brand.  Your personal/team brand is all you have in the end.  You have no control on if your company/brokerage goes out of business, changes their core values, or even fires you.  In the end you need to be building your own brand everyday that affirms and shows your audience, customers, clients what you are all about.  And you do that, through creating contextual content on a massive scale.