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If you were following me at the beginning of the year you heard me say 2019 was a year of #more – not only for your real estate career but for your life.  In 2018 I talked about #morecontent, which still
Holds true, but taking it a step further (and a word less) the year of #more_________ has begun! I wanted to do the blog series for realtors over the next few weeks to give you my big 4 for the year. You can fill in the blank with your things you want more of this year, but maybe these will help you or at least spark some passion for this year. Did you know that 90% of resolutions fail by Feb 1? This is the time to really put into motion what you want to accomplish this year.

More #growth

This is one of my themes for my real estate business and my life.  I never want to settle. I never want to lose the hunger for growth in my company, business ventures, growth as a husband and father. I don’t want to become complacent in my mindset and aspirations to stop wanting to grow.  Some people will twist this to greed or power, but that’s not my point or mentality.  My focus on growth is surrounding a duality of contentment and gratitude but not complacency in striving to
Improve and a greater impact and legacy.  Yes, that may be a fine line, but I will strive to walk it in real estate, business, and life.

More growth means always learning, always thinking how to improve, trying and failing in. We things, and stretching my capacity everyday to achieve something new.  I believe this year we all will be “stretched” in some form or fashion. Will we embrace the discomfort for the moment knowing that the long term result will be a greater capacity and a growth experience? I hope so.