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More #Patience – Realtor Series 2019

The final blog in our #more series is about Patience.  If you go back and read the last 3 blogs than you know how tactical or purposeful they were to your real estate business, or business career in general.  Yes, you could glean some general life lessons and application, but for the most part I came at it from the perspective that started with your realtor career.  I wanted to show you the basic headers that are going to guide and outline my year in real estate for 2019.  Our year of #more is going to all fall under one of these 4 main arenas, and this last one of patience is an important one.  Patience in both business, life, and of course your real estate career is massively important, especially in our current world and culture of instant results.  The pressures and judgement of immediate success, billionaire aspirations, or even just becoming a million dollar real estate agent in your first 6 months has eradicated solid principal for success which is tangible patience.

When i think of patience i think of something that is not natural, and something that needs to be practiced.  We are born quite literally NOT patient.  We want everything now and we cry about it.  Unless we are taught and practice patience, we will never have it.  And in turn, we will lose the greatest by product of patience which is perspective.  Patience allows us to be cool and calm, not worried and frantic.  Less stress, less feelings of critique that your work isn’t paying off on someone else’s timetable.  Your ability to implement patience into your life and practice it in your career will serve you as a great ally in building impact and legacy for the long term.  It will give you freedom to continue to work in a manner that is healthy and focused on what you want to accomplish and where you want to go instead of listening to outside opinions and perspectives on your efforts.

When i think of patience in your real estate business I think of how you can build brand long term through daily efforts that will create a long lasting business in the future.  I also think of how when a real estate agent starts their career in real estate they alleviate getting discouraged and quitting in first 30 days if they are willing to be patient and diligent that their hard work will pay off…sometimes it just takes time.  If you are in a hurry for success it can be a moving target.  Sometimes you may hit it, but it’s not easy, it’s rare, and it is a frustrating process.  Compare that to a target out front that will take time to get to or hit accurately, but its still and all you have to do is practice to work your way towards it.  Time becomes your asset reach your goal instead of your enemy.

When it come to more patience i want to leave my final thoughts.  This is a mantra every day.  No one every has enough patience.  There isn’t a cap amount.  You can always have more patience.  And bonus thought, patience is not the same as standing still and doing nothing…it’s not laziness in disguise.  Active hard work with perspective of a long term goal being reached, that’s true patience. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa