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Positivity is Vital In Real Estate

I was talking with a friend about goals for 2017.  After all, tis the time of year to be full force on track for the new year of 2017 and to see how what we can learn from 2016 (and prior) that will affect our future.  But I noticed that as we talked, there seemed to be an air of negativity in his tone and questions.  Things like “that may not work”, and “that will be a lot harder than you think”, and “if you don’t do this by mid-year, then you will never hit that goal”.  Now, I have the luxury of realizing his personality and how he is hinged more slanted toward the realism spectrum, boarding on “worst case scenario” thought process, but still – really?  I mean let me make a blanket statement.  Whether you hit your goals or not, you always learn from them.

And in that vein of though, every Realtor needs to realize that you should always be pushing.  If you goal is too small, what have you really accomplished?  If your goal is not at least 80% based on empirical data and metrics you have accumulated from your career each year, then your goal is a wish.  So where is the sweet spot?  By mixing practicality, metrics, drive, and being all in.  You may have a different formula, but I assure you, it is basically in that same line of thought.  You know you need to look at what you have done, know where you want to be, then map out goals with a sounds strategy that will get you there, but with the knowledge it will take more than you may have at this exact moment (drive), but by being all in, you will either hit the goal or not, but you won’t give up.  And guess what – I have never missed a goal and then repeated the exact same goal the next year….i always increase it.

So in your real estate career, block out the negative, focus on the positive that will lead you to success for you.  Rarely do the winners focus on what they DIDN’T accomplish – they focus on what they did well, but inside know what they need to improve upon.