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Real Estate Careers Are Like The Perfect Ride!

In the spirit of summer time here at the beach where our real estate company is located (north myrtle beach, SC to be exact) I wanted you to take a macro-look at your real estate career using a surfing metaphor.  Now, i use to surf a heck of a lot more than i do now.  I loved it.  I still love it, but have no time (don’t make time) to do it.  Maybe i lost my edge a little, or kids and family took over…maybe i just own too many businesses – whatever the reason, I don’t get in the water as much as i used to.  Which is sad since of the greatest things about being a realtor is the flexibility.

Even if you don’t surf, let me try and walk you through my thought process when comparing that perfect wave ride.  You may be able to compare this to things you are more familiar with because i think some of the principles are transferrable.

1. The set up – there is a patience aspect to the perfect ride.  You watch, you study, and you look for YOUR wave.  When you choose a real estate broker or company to affiliate with, you need to be picky.  You need to find the right “wave” for you.  You need to research, meet, talk, study about the brokerage or company that you are going to grow your real estate career with.
2. Paddle Hard – to ride the wave you have to catch the wave.  There is no other way to put this, but you are the #1 person responsible for your success or failure in your #realestate career.  You could miss a huge opportunity if you dont paddle hard enough, or stand up too soon.  To be successful in real estate it takes maximum effort.  You don’t let up because it’s too “hard”.
3.  Ride with the wave – find the line for the best and longest ride.  For a long time i was so focused on just standing up on the board, i wasn’t really riding the wave.  I learned to turn into and down the line of the wave for momentum and speed.  And what a rush when you find that perfect line because you and the wave and your board work together for the ultimate ride.  You career in real estate is no different:  the right tools, the right brokerage and company affiliation, and you make the perfect harmony for ultimate success as a Realtor.

This summer could the start (or continuation) of a great real estate career! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa