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Do i think that it should be the ultimate deciding factor in where you decide to affiliate your real estate license and grow your realtor career at?  No.  In fact, if you read, watch, hear any of my content related to growing your real estate career, you know that’s not my philosophy.  At least, not the foundation of it.  There is a ton that goes into your real estate career for the long game that matters more than your commission check as a real estate agent.  I am way more about alignment and “fit” before jumping ship or going to the newest 100% firm or transaction fee model “un-brokerage” across the street.

That being said, that little % sign does matter.  It may not be THEE factor, but it is A factor.  Revenue is a factor in growing any business.  Growing without cash flow or financial resources, in any industry, is a losing battle.  Sometimes you have to make business decision, and your commission check as a real estate agent is a business decision.  But maybe not for the reason you think.  This is not about greed and keeping more…it’s about investing more back in to your real estate business and your long term goals.

It is also about understanding the dynamic of your business.  By that, i mean as a realtor you should know where your business is coming from.  If you start to notice that a majority of your business if sphere of influence (as it should grow to be) and not cold leads provided by your company.  If you start to notice that your clients would do business with you no matter the logo on your card.  Then you need to understand that you are giving away money when you dont have to.

Lastly, you need to understand brand growth and resourcing.  If your franchise or brokerage is providing tools (that you actually use) and leads that convert to a majority of your sales, then i agree that they are worth your current split.  BUT (and that’s a very big BUTT), if you recognize that your long term goal is to grow your brand and business, and that you are investing and using resources outside of what your company provides, then aligning with a broker that allows you to have more to invest into your real estate business only makes sense.

It’s a little sign… % …but it is a major factor. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa