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We are in 2021, can you believe we’re almost actually to the end of the first month of 2021. And I hope you, you’re starting strong, I hope your real estate career is doing well, and that you’re continuing to carry momentum, maybe from a really good real estate year that we had in 2020 into this new year. So one thing I do want to talk about and and kind of jumpstart in this arena. And I think the beginning of the year is a really good time to remember this, whether you’re new in real estate, or you’ve been in real estate for years, is the is the fact of being that business owner. Like you own your own business. If you have chosen a career in real estate, and you are in this industry, you are a entrepreneurial business owner. And yes, you may affiliate with different franchises or corporations or brokerages or independence or whatever, where you hang your license, but you are running your own real estate business. And that comes with some awesome freedom and some big responsibility that you need to really remember and really think about and really incorporate into your day to day and how you attack your days and how you attack your weeks. When it comes to your business, that you are responsible for all of it from top down from, you know, getting the luxury of being the CEO of your business, while at the same time being the custodian as well, to make sure you’re cleaning up and keeping everything running smoothly. All the jobs in between those two points are important as well. So understanding that you are a business owner means you actually have to be a real tour or real estate agent and run your business like a business. Now that may sound redundant, but that’s not it’s it’s actually kind of common sense. You have to run your business like a business, you can’t just go in every single day and just hope stuff happens. You can’t just get a property under contract, whether working with a buyer or seller, and then just forget about it and figure it’s just gonna go closing everything’s very smooth, you have to really run the whole gambit of your business, like a business, from strategy to goal setting, to missions to values to understanding your why to marketing, to branding, all of these things are super, super important when it comes to your real estate business. So I just want to talk about a couple of them real quick. And some of this. Like I said, that broken record of you being a business owner, I really do believe that a lot of agents maybe forget this what like said, if you’re in the business for a long time, you kind of get into such a rhythm of your day to day that you kind of forget, oh yeah, I am a business owner, which means I have the freedom to make some decisions to do some things new to steer the ship a different direction.

And at the same time, if you’re new in real estate, if you’re a rookie, as I say then you may actually not really fully comprehend and understand that Oh crap, I’m a business owner like I need to run and outline my real estate business like I am putting together a business plan like a business well there’s first step business plan like do you have a plan? And does your business plan come off of the why the big things the macro the like I said the mission is and the values to create the business plan to you have a direction of where you’re trying to go what you’re trying to accomplish what you’re trying to build in your real estate business. And so you think this way, not only because you are running a business and growing a real estate business, but but the why you have to do this is because you want to be successful. And it’s not just gonna just happen it’s not gonna happen without planning like you’re not just going to get out of bed and you know, go have five listing appointments and three showings and two deals by the end of the day and then all your your money just appear and be budgeted well and your marketing and branding gonna grow just like it’s just not gonna happen, you’re gonna have to work why you have to think of yourself as a business owner is because it’s work it’s work to grow a successful real estate career. So you the why behind having that business owner mentality is understanding the responsibility and and job that you have to do day in day out to grow your real estate, business. I mean, this is like, massively important to, to having a successful growing career. A couple other things that you really need to understand about being the business owner, is is is you have to be very cognitive and of how To be self aware, to how to – how to say this, simply to simplify it, you have to know what you’re good at what you’re not. You have to know your strengths and your weaknesses. And you have to have honest assessment of those things in you and your business, you have to know what you’re really good at what you like doing, what’s your, what you excel at doing, and what you’re not great at doing. You know, you may not be the best accountant, you might not be good on spreadsheets or tracking your metrics, you just might not be really into that budgeting type thing. Budgeting your money, you might be really good at talking on a video or doing some branding, content marketing, you might be really good with the client, you might be really good at marketing a property but not really fun, are fond of showing property and getting buyers to make a decision. Like, there, there may be things that you have to take a heart assessment and look at your career and say, I’m just not that good at those things, or I am really good at these. And why that’s important is because as a business owner, and if you want to grow your business, your real estate business, you have to understand how to double down on strengths, and how to supplement weaknesses. That could be through people or resources or tools or technology, that that you incorporate into your team or into your real estate business, to allow for growth to happen in areas that it’s not going to happen if you just keep being bad at those things. And and the things you’re really good at are never going to get enough attention. Because you’re you can’t double and triple down on those things that are good, because you’re so focused on cleaning up the messes over here of the things you’re not good at. So, so that full knowledge of full vision and understanding to be self aware, is what’s going to help grow your business over the next 510 20 years. Because you will start making the moves and decisions that you’re going to have to make as a business owner to supplement weaknesses and double down on strengths. So I encourage you to like right now, like take an assessment, what are three things you’re really good at, and that work well and that help your business grow? And what are three things you’re bad at, they’re taking away your time and your energy, and you just, you just aren’t good at them. And then you’ll be able to look at them and go Okay, or is there a tool, a technology a resource, a person, a virtual assistant assistant, a licensed assistant, something that can fill these gaps, so that I can focus on what I’m doing really, really well. Because ultimately, as a business owner, as a real estate agent, as a realtor, you are your ceiling. You are the ceiling by which your business can achieve. greatness, but success is I don’t get too philosophical here. But yeah, you are the ceiling. So if you want to move the needle on your business to a higher point than it is if you feel like you’ve plateaued, it’s only because of you. And you have to take that weight and responsibility. If you want to move the ceiling higher than that’s all on you, as the owner, as the business owner, as the real estate agent with the career that you want to break through your ceiling, you are the ceiling. So to move your your career to the next level to move your business to the next level, you’re the one who’s going to have to move it you’re gonna have to bust through and create your new ceiling. And that’s going to take some team building that’s going to take some resource implementation is going to take some change maybe, or some learning that you didn’t make, think about. And that may be the reason why you’re hitting the plateau of whatever you’ve accomplished. Over and over again, you have to make some changes for growth in your business. So all this mentality about being a business owner, I hope helps you for this coming year. What like said whether you’ve been in the business a long time or short time, this mentality has to be part of your day in day out your operational mentality for how you’re going to grow your real estate career in 2021. Thank you again for listening. We’ll think sound up for hosting this podcast. And hope you guys have a great rest of your week. Hey everybody, thank you again for subscribing to the eagle reality career talk podcast. I just want to say that we love having you if I can ever do anything for your career please let me know. Follow me everywhere on social at Eagle realty SC or at Chris Ward Vic, Chris Ford di C and I would love to help Have an awesome day.