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So over the years, the dress culture in many careers and business industries has drastically changed.  The real estate industry is no different, and today’s Realtor has multiple styles based on an array of factors.  I like it personally.  It’s weird to know that even in my 15 year career i have gone through various fashion cycles in my work attire as a Realtor in the North Myrtle Beach, SC area.  When i was younger i probably dressed up a little more because i was self conscious and wanted to be respected as a 22 year old broker in charge.  As i got into the business a few year i gradually drifted towards golf attire since it’s hot here and life was keeping me busy.  Now, i do a trendy mix of attire depending ont he day.  I wear what i want and what i like. I don’t really pay attention to what others say about my fashion for work – but I also don’t really judge another Realtors dress code…unless they just look like a slob.  And then it’s not really judging, but more so concern they aren’t putting their best foot forward for business growth.  But, i do think there are some factors that influence your Realtor dress code, and here are the big 3 to be aware of (buyers and sellers as well).

  1. Clients: What is the demographics of the clients you are trying to work with?  In knowing the type of client you want to be working with, you may be able to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable.
  2. Confidence: What do you feel confident as a Realtor in?  Know what kind of clothes you feel strong, motivated, and passionate in and you will be able to attack each day of your real estate career head on!
  3. Region:  Like i said, i live at the beach.  Some days hotter than others.  And some days I’m on the golf course networking and hacking.  So, sometimes its ok to wear a golf polo and shorts to show a home, while in New York City that may not fly as easy.  Know where you are and the lifestyle you are trying to sell.

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