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#Realtor Fall Checklist 2018

Ok Realtor’s, it’s fall checklist time.  Can you believe it’s Q4 already?  2018 has flown by and hopefully your real estate business has flown upwards as well.  I use the word “flown” heavy handed as you will see in a little bit, but wait a moment for that.  As we enter October and the last quarter of the business year in 2018, my mind starts thinking of what i want to get accomplished in real estate over the next 90 days.  How are you going to close out the year?  Finish strong and crush your goals, or coast and hope for the best?  How are you planning and carrying real estate business momentum into 2019?  What’s your plan (and more so are you going to #execute on that plan?)

My checklist i stand by.  Grab a #PSL (pumpkin spice latte as if you didn’t know), review your 2018 goals and progress on them, and let’s crush Q4.  I recommend the following goals for the typical #realtor:

  1. List 8 properties in the next 90 days – do the math using your conversion rate to see how to achieve that as far as new leads, past and current client contacts, and marketing touches.
  2. Create your 2019 Business Plan BEFORE Thanksgiving.
  3. Talk to Eagle Realty about a better career opportunity (ok that is for local #myrtlebeach Realtors, but you should always in Q4 evaluate your current situation and make sure it is optimal for the goals and success you want to achieve in your real estate career.)

Remember, everything you do builds momentum for what you do next.  Keep moving forward.  Keep increasing efforts, communications, marketing, content, connections, business growth – everything!  You can make 2018 your best year ever now, and then prepare for 2019 to be even better! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa