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Realtor Luck…does it exist?  I mean we just got done with St. Patricks Day where we all feel a little luckier.  Maybe this whole thing, this whole career is just luck.  Maybe your real estate career is nothing but random buyer and seller leads that pop up in a hot market and disappear in a recession.  Maybe those realtors selling million dollar listings are just lucky.  Maybe it’s because they are pretty or just were lucky enough to land a show with HGTV.  Maybe it was lucky that your realtor friend at another company happen to get 3 listings in the same neighborhood.  Or maybe it was luck that is the reason everyone seems to know the name of “that” Realtor in town who gets all the business.  Is it just luck?  Or maybe they really are all Irish?

Or, could it be that we make our luck.  What is that old saying, “the harder i work the luckier i get.”  I think, at least i my experience that seems to be truth.  Too many times it seems that the Real Estate agents that call others “lucky” are the ones who either aren’t working hard enough to make their own luck, or not seeing the work that goes into the career of the agents that they call lucky.  Sometimes it is more likely both/and.  Are you creating your own luck?  From some of the examples in the first paragraph:

  • Are you working your sphere of influence daily?  Keeping up on your 5-5-4 plan of contacting old prospects, old clients, and new people every single day.
  • Is your marketing strategy and your branding focus packaged around getting and selling high-end homes in your market.  Do you craft a unique strategy for luxury homes specifically that appeals to buyers and sellers in that price bracket?
  • Do you VLOG and use video consistently to provide value and entertainment in such a way that an audience is drawn to your video content, thus seeing your expertise and personality so they want to work with you on their next real estate transaction?
  • Do you farm a specific neighborhood consistently using a multi-media approach to marketing and connecting with the people who live there?  Is your marketing strategy relevant to today’s digital landscape?
  • Have you been in the business long enough and focused enough to make your real estate career your passion (which it should be from the start) and have a marketing and branding campaign that puts your first int he consumers mind in your market?

This is less luck, more work.  Less hope, more strategy.  Less about goals, more about execution.  Go make your own Realtor luck. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa