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#Realtor Marketing On A Budget

I think there are so many articles, blogs, and content for real estate agents around this subject.  The subject has a ton of ideas and suggestions behind by people much smarter than I.  In fact, i would say you should just google the title of this blog and see how many things you come across that maybe you have never thought of before.  So in light of that, here is the angle I want to take over the next minute or two: you have no excuse.

Too many Realtor’s don’t execute on the simple free strategies and tools that exist for you to market and build brand for your real estate business.  You want to know the number one reason (in my not so humble opinion)?  Patience.  A lack there of ay be more appropriate of a statement.  Lack of patience kills most marketing and branding campaigns.  Whether it’s never starting because you don’t want to put in the work, or not following through because you see limited or no results.  Both will totally destroy what you are trying to accomplish.  And here is the other kicker – there is no “magic pill”.  Free marketing strategies and branding ideas still require work.  Work by definition of time and effort.  Mis in consistency on the daily, and you have real “job” material to produce a result.  It’s kind of funny that i think when people hear the word “free” they think “easy”, when actually the opposite is usually true.  It is more work to do free marketing and branding ideas for real estate.  It takes more time, and more patience to see results.  But results do come if you do it right (and consistently).

You have probably seen my Content Manifesto for Realtors – ( – its a step by step guide to content creation and even ideas of what that content should be about to bring value to your audience as a realtor.  This is just one piece out of thousands that you have access to for free to start implementing into your business.  But the sad reality is only about 3% of people (realtors) will.  Will you be one? – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa