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#Realtor Myths: The Watermelon

When i was a kid in the summer time, i remember a lot of watermelon.  My dad loved (loves) watermelon.  I think it’s his favorite fruit.  We even had a couple summers where we grew them in Kentucky.  Fascinating to grow a watermelon.  But what I remember the most is that my brothers and cousins would always tell me that if i ate the black watermelon seeds a watermelon would grow inside my stomach.  As a seven year old, this freaked me out.  Hence why they said it I’m sure, i doubt they cared if i choked on a watermelon seed.  But i remember spitting out hundreds of watermelon seeds over the years as a child afraid that a giant watermelon would require emergency surgery for me to survive. (Big brothers can be very convincing…and my parents didn’t seem to dispel what they were saying very well.) But each time i “accidentally” swallowed or ate a black seed i survived.  It must have been a myth, right?

After that long paragraph you may be wondering what in the world this #blog has to do with #realestate?  Or your career as a Realtor?  Well, i’m going to try and connect the dots the best i can.  There are a ton of myths when it comes to changing companies as a real estate agent.  That change is a bad thing.  Or that changing companies will make your business take a step backwards.  Or that you lose clients and leads when you change to a new real estate brokerage firm.  Or my favorite, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  While there is an element of truth to some of these (as i have even said them if an agent is transitioning to another real estate company from our team at Eagle) – there is a BIG myth that i want to dispel.  Since a Watermelon is one of the largest fruits, i think it only fitting to equate it to this big myth.  The myth – that one size fits all.  Or, better yet, that every reason applies to every realtor.  Do you see what i mean?

Realtors are not employees.  They are min-businesses operating within a larger business.  Each realtor or realtor team is unique not only in how they operate, but what their goals and aspirations are.  With that in mind, many reason to change real estate companies may not apply (or may) depending on what you, as the real estate agent/team, want your career to achieve in the long run.  This means you need to stop listening to negativity, and start asking questions and searching for what company/broker fits the goals you want you and your real estate business to achieve.  A watermelon won’t grow in your stomach….find the right company for you and you will always be a success. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa