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#Realtor Perspective on the Daily

If you are in real estate as your career, then i know you know the range of emotions that can happen every single day.  It can be quite the roller coaster (and i am not talking about the fun ones at Carowinds).  That’s funny actually that when we go to a theme park, roller coasters are machines of joy and excitement, but when we use the term “roller coaster” when it applies to our day, work, life, it has a negative connotation to it.  Why is that?  Maybe it’s the knowing what we are getting ourselves into when going to a theme park and choosing to ride.  Maybe it’s a little different perspective of having fun instead of being surprised.  Sometimes we dont sign up for the “ride” of a roller coaster day in real estate, on the other hand…maybe we did.

In my opinion, you should learn very quickly that there are ups and downs in real estate.  This happens both on the macro level of the economy and industry, and on the micro daily level of your individual career.  I try and tell new agents this who are coming into the business so they are not surprised.  But i still meet veterans who seemed surprised by the turmoil of a deal.  Do you know how many times the same agent has told me “this is the craziest deal I have ever had” or “I have never had a deal like this!”  Same sentiments from the same Realtors every few months it seems.  We are in a career where we constantly try to make it a kiddie ride, but it becomes a Beast sometimes (Kings Island roller coaster reference in case you didn’t know).  If we approach #realestate with the mindset that is SHOULD be easy and no terrifying moments, then we will be all the more surprised and susceptible to flared emotions that causes stress and frustration for both us and our clients.  So what do we do?  Gain a little perspective and prepare in advance.

You should already prepare yourself that every deal could get crazy at anytime.  Be prepared for it, and know you chose this career because you have a passion in helping navigate people through a stressful process.  And since the process is already stressful (and you know this) you should be the one trying to calm every else and make it as smooth as possible.  Don’t add to the stress for other or yourself.  Prepare your clients of possible hurdles you have seen before.  Create consistent process and communications to avoid major surprises.  Be careful not to paint a picture of perfection when you know there could be possible hurdles – go ahead and point them out.  Don’t act/be surprised when a crazy turn or drop comes, remember: you have road this ride before!.

Finally, gain some perspective.  I say this lightly and not as a slight at all, but losing a deal is not the end of the world.  That being said, obviously working for your client’s interest to help them succeed in their transaction is top priority, but to be honest, there are just a lot of things out of your control in the real estate process.  When you realize that, you drop some pressure off yourself.  Plus, a fallen deal doesn’t end your career (usually).  Remember, this is a long term success curve, and you don’t want every failed deal to weigh on you emotionally.  That is a sad way to live because it is inevitable that a deal doesn’t workout.  Have empathy for your clients, but don’t tie your emotions to a transaction or commission check.

In the end, you have the power of choice.  Choice of a real estate career where you have the ability to have foresight and perspective, or constantly being caught off guard and emotional turmoil at each bump in the road.  You actually have a gift being a #realtor, you just need to realize it. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa