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#Realtor Success Foundations: Pt. 1 Content & Branding

I am actually starting at the end, but maybe it should be first.  I (we at Eagle) have 4 core values, or foundations, for our company that I expect every agent on our team to adopt.  Their list can be bigger, but they need to align with these 4 things at minimum.  The topic though of this first blog in this new series is not among the 4.  Maybe it should be.  But I think honestly the necessity of this foundation came more in the recent 9 years that the previous 7 years before that when i created our core values for Eagle Realty.  Over the next weeks i will get to the other core foundations, but let’s settle in on this most tactical foundation of realtor success.  In 2019 and beyond, the importance of building your own individual (team) brand outside of your brokerage company name (unless you own it) is essential to lasting success in our real estate industry.  And the way you will do that is through content creation.

You have probably heard so many who talk about content to businesses (not just real estate) talk about thinking in terms of being a marketing company.  You are probably saying, “i’m a realtor, i market all the time!”.  But this is more than telling people you have a house for sale or want to help them buy a condo.  This is being both marketing, PR, sales, CEO, CFO, janitor, creative, etc.  Its running every area of business and doing both sales driven marketing and long term branding for your business.  Consistent content, and content at scale building brand (you) recognition, and even building relationship and showing value before you even meet the person will directly impact your success in real estate over the next 5-10 years.

So since i said this was tactical here are 3 things I want you to focus on starting to start building this #foundation pillar in your real estate business:

  1. Start with “Pillar” Content – Pillar content involves a long form piece of content like a weekly BLOG, a video series like a VLOG or longer form video (weekly or monthly frequency), and/or a Podcast (longer form audio).  When you have long-form content, you will have plenty of pieces of content for the week when you can micro-down and use on multiple platforms.  Having pillar content gives you time saving help in content at scale weekly without having to create separate individual content pieces all the time. (though you still want to be doing that ?)
  2. Consistency Wins – this point may be pretty self explanatory.  Content at scale, and consistent over time, is the best way to build brand.  Remember, brand is not point of sales marketing.  Brand is building recognition, possibly relationship, and setting your value proposition – over, and over again.
  3. Check out this Resource – – made specific for Realtors. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa