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#Realtor Success Foundations: Pt. 2 – Expert Service

Here we go, part 2 in our realtor career blog series for the month of October.  You will notice that i am hitting our actual core values from Eagle Realty.  Last week we started with what may not be an original OG foundational core value, but is becoming the “framework” of building a successful long term career in real estate.  When we talk about content at scale, we are talking about branding actually.  And where our industry is heading, brand (your own) may be the only thing you have to build success on top of as we keep moving forward in culture, technology, and our industry.  But this part of our series is a value and foundational element i have preached and believe in since the beginning.  Expert service could be seen as two parts, but really in my mind its one thing.  It’s kind of like a single breath.  A single breath is actually made up of two actions (in and out).  But we call it a breath.  Expert service is really made up of two parts: expertise and service, but for our core value, we made it one corner stone element.

Expertise is not having all the answers for everything all of the time.  That would be insane to think you know everything about everything, no matter the issue when it comes to real estate.  As a Realtor, it’s not about knowing the answer every time, it’s about the mindset that you will continuously improve and never stop learning about the industry, your market, the nuances of real estate transactions and your business.  It’s a constant striving to improve and get better as a Realtor or a team or a brokerage company.  If you declare that you will continually learn and improve as a Realtor, and put in daily action that executes on that mentality, you will see your business and brand grow.  People will recognize your expertise overtime.  Both in working with you and in the voice and value of the content you produce.  People (clients and customers) are naturally attracted to people that know what they are talking about.  And you can’t just talk a good game because that will be seen through eventually.  On the flip side, you need to be humble enough to say when you don’t know something, but assure them you will find the answer.

Service is the experience.  Meaning, your whole relationship and work with any client or customer in real estate will define your service.  Your level of service is rarely defined by you, but rather recognized by those you work with.  The market, in most cases, will show/tell you your level of service.  As Realtors, we are in the service business.  Some people think sales, but we have no control of the product for the most part.  We usually are not judged on the property we are helping someone sell or buy, we are judged on the transaction process and how much friction did we reduce.  Our service level is directly correlated to our clients experience from start to finish of their real estate transaction.  So how do you not only give excellent service, but how do you differentiate your service from other Realtors?  That’s the narrative you need to keep writing.  Out standing service through expertise, smooth and frictionless problem solving, win-win negotiations, stellar communication, and that extra touch of relationship and care when working with you.  That’s how you stand out in your real estate business.

Expert Service may sound like 2 things, but believe – it’s not. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa