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#Realtor Success Foundations: Pt. 3 Uncompromised Ethics

I realize “uncompromised” isn’t really a word or correct grammar per se, but to me it represents my sentiment when it comes to #ethics and our bench mark and core value definition here at Eagle Realty.  We have been writing all month in this real estate blog series about core foundations for success in your real estate business, and we have been using our core values from Eagle Realty as the framework.  I am not saying these have to be YOUR core values or foundations for success (though i do think they are a great base), but I am hoping to get you thinking or creating your own that create the frame of success for your realtor business.  Having defined pillars (values) in your business will give you standards and measuring lines to help you define your success and best practices when it comes to your real estate business.  They don’t even have to be the exact same as your brokerage, though i do recommend aligning and adopting your companies into yours.  That way mutual success and buy in to the culture will allow for you to grow your business with the resourcing of your brokerage (company).

Today I want to highlight the core element that I personally hold as not only a core value and foundation to lasting business success, but a personal measurement of success; ethics.  Not just ethical behavior in a subjective sense, but an “uncompromised” (no matter what) bar of ethics that goes above and beyond reproach no matter the circumstance.  The internal strength to not compromise an ethical action or decision for a paycheck or to get a deal done.  This is what will show a distinction of you and your business from all your competition.  If you want to not only distinguish yourself, but also create the right perception amongst clients, customers, and everyone else in your industry, then your ethical bar must be a top priority.  Holding yourself accountable, even when you have to sacrifice a client or deal that is the wrong kind, will always allow you to win in the long run.  If anything, it will also allow you to sleep and emotional and mental health daily.  This is something too important to skimp on, and the reason why so many outside perceptions of our industry are the way they are.

Historically, Realtors are grouped in a low public opinion and perception when it comes to consumer opinion of our industry.  Real estate sales people have been viewed to be all about the money and no concern for the client.  We are seen as “sales” not “service”.  So how do we start shifting the perception?  Each Realtor making a conscious effort to set the bar as high as possible when it comes to your ethical foundations.  Of all the core values, this is the one i think you should copy from me.  If every Realtor commits to making this a cornerstone in their business foundations, we can turn the tide.  When we put the client first, (and sometimes means NOT working with a client trying to operate in the “gray area”) we put our business on the right track of service, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Ethics is a daily choice, and being without compromise is a courageous action.  Take the step to put this in practice for your business today! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa