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#Realtor Success Foundations: Pt. 4 Timely Communication

I want to start this blog article off with a question: what is your favorite way to communicate?  The follow up to that is how fast do you want to be answered when you ask a question?  Now, after answering those two questions, do you reciprocate with real estate client and customers to not only communicate quickly, but also communicate in a way that the client wants to be communicated with?  When we talk about communication in 2019 and especially in the real estate industry and culture of our business, we must shift our mentality if we are to win and grow our business by being better communicators.

The first aspect i want to talk about when it comes to a core success foundation for your Realtor business is the speed of communication.  Why did Google become so popular?  To find answers fast.  And over the last 19 years of Yahoo and Google answering our search quiries in the blink of an eye, we have even now evolved to voice search even faster.  With a simple question in the air to Alexa or Google home devices, we simply ask and receive an answer.  Our whole culture has come to expect immediate response.  So are you as a Realtor acting in turn?  Are you immediate with communication?  If not, you have already possibly loss the client.  Even if you don’t have the exact answer or information, the speed of communication to an original contact will determine the customers perception of how you do business.  Realtors have historically had the top complaint be “never returning calls/communication”.  While the mode has evolved (which i will talk about next), the speed at which someone wants a response is only getting faster.  If you don’t keep up, you will lose long term.

But that leads to the second aspect of communication.  Mode.  No longer is a phone call back what the customer wants.  No longer is face to face the only way they want to meet.  In fact, statistically speaking, the percentage of people who think a phone call is an “interruption” to their time is increasing year over year since 2015.  Text messages.  Facebook message.  Facetime.  Instagram DM.  Email.  All of these can be passive communication that allows the client to see you responded quick, but allow them to respond back on their own time.  In addition, comfort level of communicating on platforms like facebook, or text messages that cause less interruption to the tasks they are in the middle of, will give the perception that you value their (the clients/customers) time.  If you don’t adapt your communication style beyond just trying to “get the person on the phone”, I believe over the next 5-10 years your business dwindles.

So speed and mode are ridiculously important the success and growth of your real estate business.  Maybe even more so then ever before.  I leave you with this story:  3 years ago i had a cold lead from  I decided to only respond via text message.  He msg me back the next day that he wanted to set up a showing.  When we met at the house he said 5 other agents had contacted him, but he chose me because I text him instead of calling.  He is a doctor and didn’t have time to be on the phone.  Not a single one of the other agents text him.  I gained the client because I chose a passive mode that he responded to.  Now I did email, and would have called.  But i value my time and think of phone calls as interruptions and i tend to think most others do to.  I like texting and it makes sense to me.  You may win on the phone, and thats great…but for how long with the generations coming up? – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa