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#Realtor Success Foundations: Pt. 5 Honesty

We are conclude this blog series where we have talked about #Realtor success foundation with our number one core value at Eagle Realty, Honesty.  To me this is the simplest and yet the foundation that has to run deep.  Honesty is the birthplace of good ethics. Or maybe another way to say it, honesty has to run deep if you hope to have the reputable business and business interactions that allow you to truly sleep at night.  For me, this is beyond a business core value and more just a human value.  If honesty is not present in my life both in and out of my career, then am I truly successful in either of them?  My answer is “no”.  Success earned through non-honest endeavors is not true success by my personal definition, and thus by Eagle’s as well.  Honesty has to be at the heart of everything we say and do and believe.

Dishonesty will always catch up to you at some point.  This is one reason why it’s not worth the journey of dishonest business dealings.  At some point it will all unravel, and the depth of the dishonesty will always snowball the longer it is left unchecked.  Your whole real estate business and career could crumble years after a dishonest dealing. It can always catch up.

I don’t think this blog post needs to be long.  Basic truth in your real estate dealings seems fairly obvious to unpack, but putting it into practice needs daily decisions to be on purpose.  Meaning, you have to choose to be honest every day.  Much like all of these core elements, they are foundation values for a reason. If the foundation fails for one day the whole house or structure shifts (or comes crashing down).  You must make a conscious effort in all of your core success values (foundations) daily to keep the structure strong and growing.  And the stronger you make the foundations, the more load they can support as you build you business on top of them.  Your core values have to keep getting stronger to sustain more success being built on top of them.  So practice daily  That’s the only way to keep the ability for the structure of your “successful business” growing.

In this whole series, these success foundations for realtors may come off as macro or broad.  That is somewhat on purpose.  Because I can now add many activities and actions underneath these headings that I know fit and will help my foundations to get stronger.  I can align actions and attitudes under these headings, but i can also see what things don’t fit or what could harm my business or clients or success.  They are general enough to not be confusing or allow for a ton of gray, but broad enough to welcome the right actions that will empower the values and foundations of my real estate business to the point that I have no ceiling for my success. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa