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Summertime, Summertime here we are in summertime.  Summer is always an interesting season for Realtors and their careers because in most areas, buying activity picks up and your day in real estate can be very busy.  On the flip side, you usually have to factor in kids, camps, vacations, trips, cook outs, pool, beach, etc.  The balance act can be exhausting, but usually well worth it.  Memories made, money made, and a fun season when you have a career in real estate.

One of my favorite aspects of summer (well, let’s be honest, year-round) is the treats and food menu.  Especially ice cream.  In fact the first day the kids got out of school last week we went to a local ice cream hot spot #MELT for dessert.  Now i grew up with my dad and grandma hand making ice cream on summer days (vanilla) and we would put fresh picked berries from around our house as the toppings.  It was delicious.  But, i also was a huge soft-serve fanatic at the local convenience store that had vanilla, chocolate, and my favorite, swirl.  Take that up a notch tot he world-famous Dairy Queen when they used to have vanilla soft serve with a cherry dip to form a hard shell around the cone.  I could go on – I’m kind of an ice cream and milkshake fanatic.  But what i like is the flavor choices now.  I have my favorites, tried and true, but i really love when a place has some new flavor combinations to try.  But alas, i tend to fall back to my tried and true favorites in a moment of big decision – why?  Because i know they fit me.

Realtors, your brokerage and firm affiliation need to fit.  There are plenty of “flavors” to try, but you need to recognize your favorite and what will really satisfy and bring joy to your career.  Your real estate career shouldn’t be going to the ice cream spot every night for a new sundae to try – not healthy.  Just like jumping your real estate career from place to place is not healthy.  So here is what i suggest:

  1. Research longer – search social media, dig through their real estate career website, watch videos, read reviews.  All this before you make an appointment.
  2. Ask questions – You are interviewing the company, not the other way around.  That’s the perspective you have to keep when talking to brokers and managers of any real estate company.
  3. The grass is NOT always greener – if you are unhappy, have you talked to your current broker first?  There is a reason you joined in the first place to that real estate company, don’t jump ship at the first shiny object across the street.
  4. Self Awareness – where do you want your real estate career to go?  You have to know that, no one should tell you.

So Realtor, what’s your flavor? – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa