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I know that it may feel like you are alone in your real estate business.  I know you may feel like you have no support, no guidance, no coaching or training.  You, as a Realtor, may feel like even if you licensed with a franchise brokerage or small boutique realty company that in actuality you are just a lone wolf trying build a real estate business on your own.  In most cases, i don’t believe you are right in feeling that way.  In some ways, yes, there is a very individualistic and entrepreneurial foundation you must have to succeed in real estate.  But overall, I want to show you some way to build an individual brand, while not feeling alone as a realtor.

  1.  Lean in to the tools and resources at your disposal in your company.  Have you asked your broker or manager about training, coaching, or mentoring?  Have you used all the tools your company offers?  Most agents don’t take the initiative to connect with the their company and the opportunities it offers before they start feeling disconnected.  You got into real estate for the freedom on some level, so take the initiative of responsibility to better your business by asking instead of being told what to do.
  2. Team up.  A couple different ways you can take this.  building a team is like building a company within a company.  I suggest to find people who supplement your weaknesses.  This requires some self-awareness of what your weaknesses are.  By building a team you’re not working alone and can achieve more.  Or…you can also shadow or work under a top producing agent.  Get a feel for what works for them and get the relationship and network of working with another agent in your office that is succeeding.  Then repeat and duplicate.
  3. Participate.  You can’t use the “I’m so alone” excuse if you are avoiding the opportunities to interact provided by your company and even your realtor association and MLS board.  There are so many company events that are not well attended by agents in that company.  There are so many open houses by tons of agents.  And there are so many events by your local board.  Do you go to them?  If you have the time to complain, you have the time to stop by.  Networking is essential and meeting people obviously will solve the loneliness issues int he short-term.  You will find by interacting with others in the industry how your confidence grows and your sense of being alone in your real estate struggles is shared by others.
  4. Digitally network.  There are so many Facebook groups for realtors.  Along with online training like and others that there is no excuse to feel abandoned and not know where to start to grow your real estate business.  There are so many resources, even if your company doesn’t provide them, for you to connect with to grow your business.  Take advantage of the digital culture we live in because at no other point in history has it been better to be a Realtor! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa