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#RealtorLife – It’s A Beach!

Ok, you have heard it before – well at least maybe if you are a real estate agent on the coast somewhere.  Obviously you can take this a couple different ways as a realtor.  I mean, it may even change day to day for you realtors here in the myrtle beach area (or any area for that matter).  We have that ability to have days when we can’t BELIEVE we get to be a Realtor…and then we have days where we CAN’T believe we chose to be a Realtor.  I know you know both types of days, but how do you have more of the good ones than the bad ones as a real estate agent in myrtle beach?

The answer is perspective and gratitude.  Not just in real estate, but in all business and careers, this lesson can be applied.  Perspective and gratitude can dramatically change your real estate career (any career) and allow to find true success and passion and happiness in your career everyday,  Even when your day is bad, horrible, good, or great – with the right perspective and gratitude you realize the big picture of things and stop sweating the small stuff.

Perspective is putting a situation on a larger field of vision.  Zooming out and seeing moments in light of longer time frame and bigger purpose so that you don’t get swallowed up or trapped in what may be a bad day or client and let it define everything.  Perspective, especially as a realtor, allows you to escape that.

Gratitude is a bigger understanding of how much you have and how blessed you are.  As a realtor, just to be a realtor and understand the freedoms, the compensation ability, the growth possibilities you have in this real estate career field is a reason to carry an attitude of gratitude.

As a Realtor, Life is a Beach when you can understand the big picture of gratitude and perspective. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa