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#RealtorReflect – On Your Career…

Do you remember why you got into real estate in the first place? What made you choose the career?  Was it the flexibility, the freedom, the no limits when it came to your income ability?  Or was it that you loved property, getting to view homes and condos, or work with people?  Maybe it just made sense because you had that entrepreneur spirit, and real estate provided an avenue to build your own brand and business.  What i believe though, is no matter your exact reason(s), you started out on this journey happy .  Like you you genuinely were excited to start out on your Realtor career journey!  You didn’t see this as a last resort, or just another job.  no, you wanted to build something great and become successful in ways you only dreamed about!  I know this because that was my thought process.  There was probably a little sense that i thought i would be good at this or that maybe it would even be easy for me.  I never thought building a business was easy, but i know sometimes we don’t always remember that real estate is a business building career.  In fact, a source of a lot of un-happiness in Realtors is the fact they thought it would be easy.  And the only reason they thought that was they forgot they were building a genuine business on their own from the ground up.

Now, i don’t mean on your own in a sense of by yourself.  You have a brokerage you have to affiliate with and a Broker or manager you have at your disposal (most of the time).  But, there is a truth to the fact that you are building your own business and that will mean you don’t always have someone by your side.  And that is my first point when reflecting on your career.  You shouldn’t have been alone, but you should have been ready to build your own business.  The drive and discipline to build a business means no one micro-managing you, but, the beauty of real estate is you have access through your brokerage for resources and training to help you achieve success.  But you have to use it – and want it – and be able to move “solo” while grabbing the benefits offered at your company.

Secondly, are you treating your day to day like you are both the CEO and the janitor of your own company.  As a Realtor, your mentality has to reflect the truth of business ownership.  From not only prospecting and lead generation, but also client relationships, administration and paperwork, marketing and brand strategy: it all falls on you.  Eventually you will want to out source or team build to be able to keep growing efficiently, but the mentality shift from job to career to business owner is vital for long term success in your real estate career.

Lastly, are you happy?  I know that term is thrown around a lot in business context now in current content culture.  But it really is worth taking stock of your current career (no matter if it is real estate or not) and seeing if you still find joy in what you do.  That doesn’t mean there are no bad days or bad clients, it just means you are centered on that you love what you do and are passionate about growth and success in being a Realtor.  Sometimes that means patience and going through some down turns, but you are willing to keep pressing forward because you know you love this industry and believe in what you are doing and the value you bring to the process.  Because let me tell you, as a Realtor, you DO BRING VALUE!

Reflect on your career…and if i can help, let me know! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa