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Realtors: Content, Community, Consistency

What’s the purpose of your content strategy online and throughout social media?  Are you building community?  Is your consistency strong when it comes to the pieces of valuable content you produce or share in your community and audiences across the digital landscape?  All these questions are important to as everyday.

As a real estate agent and realtor your need to realize the media source you are for the people who might potentially work with you to buy or sell a home.  Not a media source as far as horrible news.  But real media and value content related to the process of buying and selling a home, the local community where you operate your business, and original pieces of content that will show people you are an expert in what you do as a Realtor professional.  Sure, you can throw in some articles and shares of local events, maybe some Facebook lives of you there enjoying them, but for a lot of your content your community is looking for requires you to provide valuable information that shows your expertise in the home buying or selling process.

I think of your content strategy as 3 C’s.  Content. Community. Consistency.  Basically the “what, why, how” of what you are doing everyday.

Content – The meat of what you are doing.  Content is the valuable information, articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, posts, pictures, etc that you create or re-post or share to your audience to bring value and branding to you and your team/company/business.

Community – This is the goal and purpose of your content strategy.  To build and audience that becomes your community of people and potential clients and referral sources to grow your real estate business.  A community engages with you and one another.  A community will engage with your content and connect with you for more.  Your goal is to build the community so they trust and see you as the expert to go to for all things local and all things real estate.

Consistency – This is the “how” when it comes to building a successful content strategy in our current real estate and general business culture.  Consistency can not be stressed enough for everything we do.  One viral video is not the way to become a lasting success.  A blitz of content everyday across multiple platforms, that speaks natively on each platform and the audience present on it will win you lasting success and business growth in the long run.  It is building a brand.  And it’s defining that you are working hard and growing a business, not just having a “job” in real estate. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa