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Realtors, Do You Play Each Day To #Win?

At first read, saying that a realtor should win each day may come across a little ego driven and even greedy.  But then you have to step back and see how you define #win?  Too many common people in the public have a bad conception of Real Estate agents and Realtors that they are only out to close a deal, get their commission check, and move on.  And I have met people even this past weekend who truly believe that licensed real estate agents don’t care and will do anything to get a sale.  It’s amazing to me that not just in real estate, but a lot of industries, how a few bad people or experiences set up a persons belief for every professional in the whole industry.  And on the flip side, how people judge every other person in that industry based on a previous experience or person they dealt with.  So sad.  There are a ton of great, honest, ethical, and hard working individuals in the real estate business and they should be recognized as such.

Now that i have ranted a little (like i said an experience this weekend made me need to get that out) let me explain the purpose of this blog.  When i say #win, i am talking less about the Realtor and more about the client.  Even though I do equate a Realtor accomplishing certain tasks daily as winning, it usually all drives towards the goal of helping a client buy or sell a property with an impeccable experience and process that you as the Realtor provide.  In this season of the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, we see a ton of emphasis on winning and championships.  Your mindset should be that way daily as a successful Realtor.  You should be locked in on the prize of becoming the best Realtor for your clients.  You should be the champion of Realtors.  And not for awards and trophies, but because you have a passion for developing relationships that help a buyer or seller navigate and close a successful transaction plus develop a long-term client relationship.

The goal for any Realtor or real estate agent goes beyond gross sales or transactions.  Its developing a legacy of reputation that goes above and beyond the perception of the public.  Building your brand and business where not only clients, but your colleagues in the business as well, see you as a “winner” when it comes to your business.  Not based on your volume, but before that based on your reputation created from your actions.  You not only #win, you are named the MVP.  Each day, your goal is to win – not for yourself, but for everyone else  because you winning means they do as well. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa