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It could be easy at this time of year to pull up a little bit and tap the brakes.  I mean, kids getting back to school, fall around the corner, busy summer and you just need to breath.  Well take a breath……good?  Now back to your real estate career!  This is 3rd quarter of 2018 in a stellar year for real estate sales in America, why would you take a break?  It’s time to crush your goals for the year, and this is the time of year to do it.

You may have a had a great start to the year in your real estate sales, or a great summer, or both.  But don’t stop now.  Break any ceilings that existed before in your mind and realize this CAN be the greatest year ever in your Realtor career. (like Tom Ferry says, every year).  You have the ability and the tools and the market to make it a reality.  Go do it.

This may seem like a big “ra-ra” type blog, and you’re right, it is.  The whole point of this is to pump you up, give you some motivation, prompt you to take advantage of the market.  It won’t always be this way, and you need to know that.  So take every advantage to get every listing, find every buyer, destroy your sales goals and never let up while it’s this good!  Be the Realtor other people always talk about as crushing it.

  • #CONNECT – Call/Text/FB MSG 5 more people each day
  • #CREATE – Do 1 more FB Live video each week, 8 pieces of micro-content each day, 1 more blog per week about your local market
  • #CLOSE – Be relentless for your client to get the deal done for their best interests, whether buyer or seller. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa