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#Realtors: Failing Creates Hunger

So i may or may not be watching the #WorldCup2018 right now as i type this #blog.  I mean, don’t tell my boss.  (oh wait…) Yeah, it’s good to be in the real estate business.  I mean, this content is important and watching the World Cup inspires me to talk about failure.  Yes, that was not a typo.  You do realize that the United States mens National Soccer Team did not qualify for the world cup for the first time in a long time.  They failed in some key games to execute when they needed to.  But i have noticed something…in the matches after not qualifying, they seemed to have a renewed hunger.  There is a lot of buzz around the program and the future.  My hope, it created a new hunger for achievement in the soccer program here in the USA.

Now, i am by no mean a soccer guru, but i love the competitive nature of sports just like i love the competitive nature of business.  And especially when it comes to real estate, you know you have to be hungry to succeed.  And I believe that failure can drive this.  In reality, when i talked about it on one of my latest VLOG episodes ( ) failure is not just a bad thing, it should always be turned into learning or an opportunity.  Failure doesn’t stay failure if you learn from it.  You can turn it into something different, something positive, in the long run of your real estate business.

You have to think of a couple things when it comes to failure:
1. What did you learn?
2. What factors caused it?
3. Did it motivated you or depress you (move you backwards)?

As a Realtor, every listing you dont sell or get the client, every buyer deal that falls through, every slump in the market, every time you can’t find the right property for your client, you have to keep moving forward.  You have to stay hungry! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa