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Realtors, Forget Half Full or Half Empty: How About Overflowing?!

We have been convinced there are only 2 perspectives on how to look at any given situation.  The choice is set up with the basis that we can do nothing to fix the situation.  But most times in life we do have the ability to influence our situations.  Sometimes no, but most times it just feels like “no” because we don’t want to put in the work or take the time or do any kind of action that might change the state of the glass.  Heck, if the glass is half empty mentality denotes pessimism, then what about an empty glass?  Yet, what if the glass is empty because you drank it and satisfied yourself, or gave it to someone who needed a drink and was now blessed by your action and gave you back an empty glass.  You wouldn’t be complaining.  You did something to affect not only the reality of the glass, but the reason.  Now, think the opposite way.  If the glass is half full, then what about overflowing.  What if you filled the glass instead of settling for what you have.  Not only has your perspective improved, but your reality has too,

Here is the point – do something!  You may think you are in a situation you are stuck in, but you can change it.  You may think you are in a good situation, but what about a great situation?  Remember that quote from the book “Good to Great” – “Good is the enemy of great.”  Don’t get limited by needing to have a certain perspective of your reality if you can change your reality.  Perspective is important, don’t get me wrong.  There is a lot of us who need to change how we see things and improve our mentality of the reality around us.  I am all for the traditional “glass is half full” perspective especially in business.  I’m just saying, don’t stop there.

As a Realtor, you have a unique opportunity to have no ceiling.  Or in this example, to be overflowing with success and opportunity.  There is no “lid” as it were.  You can be overflowing in your real estate career, but, it take action.  Don’t settle for just a good perspective (though it is a start).  Take the action needed to change the reality as well to be the best it can be in your career as a Realtor professional. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa