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#Realtors, How Do You Get Started in Real Estate?

Primarily, i titled this blog for the benefit of Google search. Ha. Because while I lay out some starting steps to get started in a real estate career, the bigger question I would suggest to you is “why” real estate?  Like most career decisions, I am a major believer in asking the why.  It is essential not only for success, but for passion and happiness in what you are doing to know the why in what you are doing.  Is it money, boredom, family history, or misconception of how “easy” it is?  Or is there something more?  Do you recognize that this is a service, not a sales profession.  Do you like helping people?  Are you wanting to build an actual business, working harder than those around you, but knowing the long term payoff is worth it?  When you define success on your terms, and realize that real estate is an industry you can put your 100% into day in day out, and actually find joy in that hard work; then real estate might be for you.

But where to begin?  I actually think the “why” is harder than the “how”.  How is a process.  You can follow it.  You just have to do it.  In general the steps are:

  • register and attend real estate school
  • pass the test required by the state
  • pay the state money
  • find a Brokerage and affiliate with their company
  • Join the Local MLS board and Realtor association
  • Get Trained
  • Build Your Real Estate business

Are there some in-betweens, yes.  Does the education and license process vary slightly state to state, yes.  But that is pretty much the flow.  But i want to hang out on one important step.  A step that is monumental on one hand, but on the other hand can be fixed quickly.  Affiliating and choosing your brokerage/company is a vital decision for the trajectory of your career.  Finding the right “fit” as I talk about a lot can be a major factor in your career and business success.  Aligning with broker that wants you to succeed on your terms, and wants to resource you to get there is the best feeling in the world.  A culture where you can thrive, but that also give you support without being over-bearing on your freedom and flexibility.  Depending how you work best, will affect your decision where to put your license and sell real estate.  Depending on what you need from a broker/manager will affect it too.  A lot of your “why” plays into this part of the “how”.

But here is the good news.  If your first decision doesn’t workout, don’t judge yourself.  Don’t feel trapped.  You are allowed to re-align with a new brokerage.  Maybe you just didn’t talk to enough brokers and companies in the beginning.  Maybe you got “sold” on a brokerage that didn’t live up to the hype.  Maybe you just were in a rush.  No matter the circumstance, the good news is you can find the “right fit” no matter what year or point you are in your real estate career path. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa