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Realtors: It’s Not The Idea, It’s The Execution.

Real Estate is by far not the only industry that has plenty of ideas when it comes to marketing and the general “how” to sell more homes.  There are ideas for better communication.  There are ideas for better marketing strategy. There are ideas for how to get more leads and systems of how to follow up on those leads.  There are ideas on farming, cold calling scripts, coaching, metric tracking, business card design, and much more!  Everyone has ideas.  Ideas are easy.  Ideas are not in short supply.  Sometimes i wonder why there is a lot of credit given to an “idea guy”.  I mean sure, maybe there are many people who do not have a ton of ideas each day, but that may just be for lack of trying to have an idea.  I don’t know.  It just seems that I hear or am told about a good amount of ideas, but what is interesting is many of them “poof” and disappear as quickly as they were thought up.

Here is the key – #Execution.  Ideas are hard to invest in.  Prototypes aren’t.  They are tangible.  The same way an idea can’t have true metrics because until it’s implemented you cant track success or fail rates.  You have to TRY ideas to see if they are viable.  To see if they are good and worth doing.  And let’s be honest, executing on an idea requires effort and time, all at the risk of failing and starting over.  But that’s the test.   A truly good idea is really never good (though we say that all the time) until the idea has been put into action or implemented to see its viability.

In real estate and for Realtors – ideas are a plenty.  You can google “good real estate ideas” and get a myriad of things to try.  But usually, the things that work are the things your put into work.  The ideas your try to execute and collect real results and data on.  If you have an idea my best advice: TRY IT!  You could have had a great idea and just never put the effort into it, thus missing out on some huge returns.  I like ideas.  I love ideas!  But, i really am trying to be more careful to say whether and idea is good or bad until there is some execution of that idea to asses it. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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