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#Realtors, Let Me Hear You Say: School Yay!

You know that song you hear at Christmas, “it’s the most, wonderful time, of the year…” – well, i always loved that old Walmart commercial that played that during back to school promos.  Because, it’s so true!  Many around the country have already started to head back, but here in north myrtle beach, SC we start back tomorrow.  Soooo excited!!  I know summer can be crazy schedule and work wise for a lot of parents, but if you are in the real estate industry as a career you hear what I am talking about.  There is something about being able to get back to a normal, routine schedule that just invigorates a Broker/Realtor to get ready to close out the year strong!

So why is getting kids back to school so great for your realtor career?  Beside overall mental health and sanity that is.  Here are some of the benefits i think you may experience as we start a new school year:

  1. Routine Schedule – this allows for you to better time block certain real estate activities that you need to do daily.  I found my days were sometimes hit or miss in the summer between baby sitter arrangements, travel, pop-up appointments, and more!  Now you have a block of time 5 days of week where the kids are in school and you can plan accordingly.
  2. Lunch meetings – I say lunch but i mean meeting planning in general.  There is a block of time where you dont have to find something for the kids to do or someone to watch them so you can network, meet, do business face to face with people.
  3. For BIC’s, more Fact-to-Face – Both you as the BIC (if you have kids at home) and your agents with children probably didn’t see much of each other this summer.  Now you both can connect and help your agents business grow this fall!
  4. Content Content Content – as i sit and type this #blog from home, i realize i did a good amount of content from home, but between kids and dogs, sometimes there was certain content that just needed more privacy.  Now i will have some extra office hours to have a better environment to create daily content for my real estate business and company.

Those are just a few highlights that i am looking forward to after tomorrow!  I am sure you have a list (would love to hear some) and I think we can all say “yay” to school coming now!! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa