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#Realtors – Love What You Do & Find Your Strengths

I can’t stress this point enough.  As a Realtor and to have a successful career as a real estate agent, you have to love what you are doing.  You have to have a passion for the career you have chosen, and pursuing it with vigor and purpose.  Like any career, and like any business owner or entrepreneur, you not only want to love what you are doing every single day, but also must work to find what you are good (great) at and double down your time and resources on that, while building a team or resources to supplement your weaknesses.  Now sometimes your weakness, may not be “bad at something” but just not as good at it as your main strength(s).  Remember, good is the enemy of great, so to only do something good when you could find something or someone to do it great hurts your business success and growth in the long run.

My best example of this is not specific to real estate sales (i will give that example in a minute).  Rather, i realized that if i valued video content, i needed to invest in it.  My strength was more on screen than in the edits.  I can edit.  I can film.  I could publish videos, but if i wanted to go to the next level of quality and production it was time to bring on someone to the team that was better than me at it.  Hence, hiring a videographer.  Now, sometimes i still put out my own self edited and created video content.  But, to really get the best ROI, I brought on a “professional”.  You don’t have to start there, but you see where i am going.

In real estate sales, I realized that my strength was marketing.  So, instead of focusing on buyer-side business my focus became on finding sellers and growing my listing business.  For most agents, i would recommend not giving up totally on buyers.  Maybe here is the opportunity to partner with a buyer focused agent and start building your real estate team.  Just a thought.

Focus on your strengths.  Supplement the other areas with tools, resources, or people that you can partner with that are strong in those areas.  Build your team, build your business, and build your real estate success. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa