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Realtors, More Execution and Less Distraction

There is so much valuable information and content out there to help your real estate career and allow you to execute more on a great realtor career.  Just go to or any other great real estate coach.  Heck, even NAR ( ) has great content to help you build your career, give you sales tactics, marketing and social media strategy and so much more.  Then why do so many of us in the real estate profession not capitalize and execute on what is so easily available to us for free?  Maybe it’s because of information (distraction) overload,

Gary Vee had a video a year or more ago that was basically this “stop watching my stuff and go do something.”  In maybe some other not so tasteful words, the thesis makes sense.  I know i can get distracted looking for the latest tools, technologies, strategies, content etc.  If you are consuming all day, watching $million$ dollar agents post on instagram, and saying “i should be doing that” but never do, then you wasted time on 2 fronts.  You consumed content and did nothing about it.  It’s like the old adage: Ideas are crap, execution is everything.  Well, maybe that’s not that old of a saying, but the thesis is.  We need to spend more time doing as real estate agents.

This may sound heavy handed since you would be reading this #blog (content) that’s trying to give you a #strategy (execution) and i am telling you to go do – so let me cut this short:

  • go POST an instagram photo of a listing, a selfie, a new restaurant, or the most popular spot in your community
  • do a facebook LIVE to say hi to your friends, talk about 3 tips for either buying a home or selling a home in your town
  • polish and update your LINKEDIN profile page
  • Comment on 10 posts (can be either instagram or facebook)
  • create a foreclosure email or newsletter and send it to your database monthly (both 1x a month)

Ok, stop reading and go do! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa