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Realtor’s, How Much Value Is Your Content Bringing?

I think even in the real estate community there is a misconception about how to utilize content marketing.  When we say content marketing, we mean the information you distribute to your database and the general public on a daily/weekly basis across various platforms.  This can be auditory (voice), visual (picture and video) and written (blogs and posts).   It becomes a tendency for realtor professionals and those in the real estate industry to simply post and distribute listings they have for sale, or business card photos about how you should use them for your real estate needs.  I’m not saying those types of posts and content doesn’t have a place in your content marketing strategy, i’m just saying is that it?!

When approaching your content marketing strategy there is a lot of purpose and focus that needs to go into it.  We don’t have time in one blog post to cover everything a Realtor needs to consider or be doing for a proper content strategy.  And i don’t even think there is “one” right way to be doing it. Here is what i do know: you need to be bringing value to your audience.  And by audience i mean anyone who sees, reads, or listens to what you put out there.  Whether its clients or just the general public.  So what is #value?

I am going to give you some clear-cut value items a realtor should be bringing to their audience various platforms:

– Do you have a consistent vlog or show you post native on youtube, linkedin, and facebook? make it yourself or hire a videographer.  Show the reality of your Realtor life and work – or – create a community focus on visiting hotspots, food spots, festivals, etc. that prove you’re the go to expert in your market
– Do a video market report 1x a month using your MLS stats
– Video your podcast and post
– podcast – highlight market, events, trends, community spotlights, whatever – make it at least weekly
– Alexa flash briefing – a snippet of podcast or a “market minute” with just some real estate highlights.  ( use – great company to get you on Alexa devices)
– BLOG – every day or weekly – whatever you do audio or video can be a blog.  Or review local area and communities.  Every neighborhood is a blog post.  Every listing is a blog post.  Every weird or normal customer/client transaction can be a blog post.  DIY tips or Home Finance do’s and dont’s is a blog post.  Stay in your expertise and write it down.  Blog on your website, wordpress, medium, linkedin
– Write and e-book helping buyers or sellers in the process of a real estate transaction – make it free!!

Those are just a few ideas to implement now if you aren’t already doing them.  You probably have more – the key is to be consistent and patient.  Your career is the long game, not the short.  So get to work! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa