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My Best July Realtor Advice

It’s basically the mid-point of the year.  2017 is half way over and the best advice i can give for Realtor’s is this: Take a day and evaluate. I bet you thought i was going to say something about producing great online content and being consistent with that content.  Well, that’s true – but, because of the time of year and the nature of how busy those of us in real estate tend to be in the summer (especially in north myrtle beach, SC) I think a good plan is to take a day, and take a breath, to evaluate.

Evaluate where you are in relation to your sales goals you set for this year 2017.  Evaluate your metrics of your average client touches per weeks, ROI on your mailing and online leads, how many transaction sides you have completed, how many hand written notes you have sent – etc, etc, etc.  Take a look at what you have done, and then look at what you need to accomplish.  Based on where you want your business to end up before 2018 gets here, what do you need to be doing to achieve your goals or beyond?   In the midst of the crazy summer, we can’t forget that our business side needs attention, not just the selling side.

Produce the dollars now while it’s hot – but evaluate where you are for 2017 as a whole so that your whole year, not just your summer, is on the track to success.  That’s the best Realtor advice i can give you this July. — Career — Chris Ward BIC Page — @EagleRealtySC — @EagleRealtySC
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