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Realtors: Patience Is Like Vegetables – You Don’t Always Like It, But You Need It.

Here is the thing about being patience when it comes to your real estate career as a realtor – it is everything.  Statistically the majority of Realtors fall out, quit, or fail in their first 24 months.  Yes, there is a real world investment of money needed.  Yes, there is training needed.  Yes, there is the right coaching and broker/company support needed.  Yes, there is patience needed.  You need to let your marketing and content strategy work.  You need to give time to your farm strategy and and branding exposure to work.  You need to allow time for your sphere marketing to be fruitful.  Heck, even cold internet leads like Zillow and have a large percentage that don’t buy for 6-9 months.  Did you know that?

Patience is essential for success in any career.  No matter what endeavor you are trying to pursue, you need to deploy patience in every way and everyday.  Patience is an asset, not a liability.  You have to treat it as such.  Patience is the way to create value for all the little efforts.  Its the day to day work that has a grand payoff in the long term.  Patience is a learned skill as well, meaning that it is not a gifting, and you can learn it over time and get better at it.  That is tremendous!

Be patient in your marketing.  Be patient in providing value through content marketing like blogs and micro-content branding on Instagram and snapchat.  Be patient with your leads and how you incubate them over a long period of time till they are ready to buy.  Be patient with farming a geographic area for listings, realizing that trust and expertise must be proven over time and consistency.

You can do this – Realtors, be patient. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa