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Realtors: Real Estate Is Still Relational

There is so much technology for the real estate industry.  Social media is a have to be marketing strategy if you want long term success in todays realtor culture.  Expertise is still one of the prized traits of a real estate professional.  Negotiating and contract knowledge is a must to be successful.  But all this is mute if you don’t understand a basic, primal root for a successful real estate career; real estate is still relational.

The climate and look of what our culture calls relationships may have adjusted.  Relationship is not just face to face anymore, just like communication is not just by letter or phone call anymore.  Drawing people into a relationship won’t always require meeting them.  It also doesn’t mean you have to be directly introduced by another human.  If we understand that all the former still happens, but we have to learn the new as well, our career as a Realtor can be successful beyond what we can imagine.

What do you do, plan, strategize in your career when it comes to relational skill building?  Here are some tips i think every Realtor should remember when navigating our culture and building lasting relationships in today’s real estate industry.

  1. Social media you must – you have access to such a larger audience than ever before with access to personal information to build (or stay away from) relationships with potential clients and customers.  Don’t neglect the tremendous opportunity to grow your sphere in todays digital culture.
  2. 5-5-4 – contact people daily.  At the very least 1 new person, 1 person from your sphere or prospects, and 1 past client.  IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FACE TO FACE OR PHONE.  Email, text, snapchat, instagram, facebook, linkedin – these all count to and extent!
  3. Relational Branding Through Video – VLOGing is very common, but do you realize the power in it?  You set up the opportunity for people to learn about the real you.  Not the billboard, phone voice, or business card out-dated-picture you.  The real you in real time.  Your personality, your face, your expertise, your town, your company, your listings…YOU!.  Don’t neglect the power of video to build relationships with people you haven’t even met yet!

There are so many ways to stay relational to build your real estate career.  You don’t have to totally throw away the old.  Do local networking events, be involved with your association and organizations locally, host client parties in your town, know your neighbors.  And the list goes on.  Remember, it’s usually “both/and”, not “either/or”. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa