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Realtors shouldn’t work for peanuts.

Im serious. Realtors, know your value! If there is one thing we need to know in the real estate career profession is what our value proposition is as an agent.  In todays digital culture and information/data savvy customers, what do you bring to the table.  Sure, from a nostalgic stand point we used to control the real inventory of what was for sale on the real estate market and what was not.  I can still remember my mom working for Century 21 in Kentucky and having an MLS book and hot-sheets.  Like an actual bonder of daily listings.  They killed so many trees back then.  But now, consumers know the homes on the market and how to find them and almost every detail about them before they even get close to making an appointment to see them.  Heck, firms like our at Eagle Realty, even offer 3d floor plans and 360 virtual video tours on certain listings.  So why need a Realtor to purchase (or sell) a home?

Do you know?  I am talking to Realtors out there and every where.  What is your value?  What do you bring to the table for your buyers and sellers to warrant the commission and pay check you take home to support your family?  This question (either directly or indirectly) will come up with each new buyer or seller you have an opportunity to work with.  And you better have some answers.

For instance:
1.  Are you the market expert? – do you know your stats, sales prices, neighborhoods, community, school stats, trends, to be able to answer in real time questions posed by potential clients?  Do you spend time studying your market and community?
2.  Paperwork and process expertise – You need to be able to comfortably explain the contracts needed and transactional process and flow to sell/buy a home to make your client feel as comfortable and stress free as possible in a real estate deal.  Your job is to take most likely the biggest financial purchase of their lives and create a smooth process for all parties involved.
3.  Hows your Brand and Reputation – Through marketing, social media, strategy, and an unwavering unethical practice standard you can set yourself apart from the crowd and prove your value.  When you market yourself well enough to be known sellers feel like you can do the same for their home.  And when you are known above reproach from a reputation that precedes you, buyers are comfortable being put in your hands to find their dream home.

There are so many more aspects you can add to your value proposition when showing your value as a Realtor to guide buyers and sellers.  But here are a few to start with that should be easy if this is your passion and your career for the long term.  Realtors, lets define our worth and value and show how we can help buyers and sellers with the most important financial decision of their lives.  It’s for their benefit you chose to be a real estate professional, not yours. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa