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This time of year, more than most, us in the real estate industry have awesome opportunities to reach out and spread some #love not only to our clients, but our community and fellow Realtors as well!  Don’t you want to take some time and really try to connect and reach out?  I have been doing a podcast series called #HolidayHustle ( listen here ) – and the last episode i talked about “connecting”.  How are you connecting with your client, customer, community, and realtors you work with in your area?  It’s a great time of year to not sound too “sales oriented” and non threatening, plus you really are being authentic (most of us ha) and in this time of year it will come off that way as well.

When you are connecting with real estate clients, remember to do something special.  You can do a personal note in their Christmas card about your transaction experience with them.  You can create a website where they click for a free present (and maybe a link to a Google review :).  You can go caroling at all the homes you sold in the area.  Be creative, document it as content, and connect to continue to build strong relationships with clients for the future.

Connect with your community by participating in local events and creating content around it.  You build not only your branding, but also good publicity for your community and your expertise in it.  You get to connect with new people and be seen out and about!  I love tree lightings and light shows, community performances, wherever!

Connect with fellow Realtors and vendors.  Don’t forget to reach out to those who you have worked with this year or vendors who have been a part of your closings.  Participate in parties and gatherings, luncheons, and host some events specific for those in the real estate business!!  It’s a great time to network with each other!

Merry Christmas, and spread some #love this holiday season! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa