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Realtors, Stay Charged.

It would be easy for you to automatically think that i’m referencing your iPhone or laptop.  You are Real Estate agents after all.  And those devices are your office in 2018.  But while I do recommend keeping your devices charged as much as possible as a Realtor, that is not what I’m referring to in this particular real estate career blog post.

I have the privilege of watching the live-cast of the Tom Ferry Summit Conference and something said today resonated with me.  How are you taking care of yourself, (mind, body, and soul) as a real estate agent.  You see what most people miss about this career in real estate is the fact it’s not just a career, it’s YOUR business.  You are CEO and Janitor.  You are running the company of you, maybe a team, or even a brokerage one day.  The stress can be just as big as the reward.  You have all the upside, but you have to deal with the down sides as well.  How well do you do that as a Realtor?  How do you stay charged at 100% to keep your business not only going, but growing?  I want to challenge in you in a couple areas:

  1. Body – you HAVE TO exercise.  You have to eat right, get sleep, and take care of your vessel.  I exercise at least 4 times a week and pay attention to my nutrition.  Sleep…well so-so.  But 2 out of 3 is not bad.  🙂 – But seriously, the bad habits need to be decreased and the discipline and focus to improve your body will only increase your success, longevity, and legacy of our real estate business.
  2. Mind – You really want your real estate business to have lasting success, never stop learning.  You must exercise your mind as well as your body.  Videos, books, speakers, conferences…content that will help both you and your business grow can be found if you are open to learning.  And you should never stop learning.
  3. Soul – yes, i believe your spiritual well being is good for business.  My time with God each morning is essential to me getting through the day.  I know some meditate, others pray, some are just quiet.  But your soul needs nourished.  My Bible time each morning I would not trade for anything, and it does reflect in my business.  But however you nurture your soul, just realize it can’t be neglected if you truly want lasting success in your Realtor business.

I challenge to take the time each day to address each of these aspects of YOU.  Your real estate business depends on it! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa