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#Realtors, Stay Inbounds

Maybe i was inspired by the warmer, summer weather that is starting to grace our beautiful area here in Myrtle Beach of SC.  This little graphic of tennis play.  But what really caught my eye was the metaphor I want to build for you.  Our industry, #realestate, gets a lot of negative perception from the public over the decades.  Many people think that Realtor’s are only after commissions, the next sale, and see every client not as a person, but only as a transaction.  As a real estate professional and #Realtor, are you ok with this?  What are you doing to change this perception?  And, how is your business different from your competition?  Are you doing things that show your professionalism and above reproach ethics in your client services of real estate?

You should feel hurt and even a little enraged when someone sais something about Realtor’s being like this.  I can still remember 4 years ago sitting in a restaurant in NC on a ski vacation when the gentleman next to me asked what I did for a living, and proceeded to tell me all Realtor’s are crooks.  I was shocked and angered.  But I didn’t argue.  Only said “not all of us”, chuckled and left it at that.  What is your reaction when someone slurs your passion and career?  You should have some justified anger if you care anything about your professional image of yourself, and your industry.  Those who say they don’t care are either lying to others or themselves.  You should care.  And more so, you should work tirelessly to change it through your actions on the daily.  Not through words, but by actions of your business and the clients your work with.

You will change the publics, and more important the people in your sphere and who you potentially work with, by conducting yourself in a manner that goes above and beyond what people expect from a Realtor.  You can be the catalyst that sparks even your whole office, association, and our industry to raise the bar when it comes to how we run our real estate business and how the public views it.  Here are 3 things you change today:

  1. We are service, not sales.  Our job is to serve our clients and work with them to facilitate a transaction and continue to serve there real estate needs long after the closing is complete.
  2. Relationship matters.  The better the relationship, the more long term your business relationship sustains.  Not only repeat business, but referral business.  Building a genuine relationship with clients pays more dividends than any one single transaction will.
  3. There are lines.  You must turn down some sales and not work with certain clients.  There are lines you dont cross, even if it means you lose the sale.  Your boundary now will keep you in business and in the right ethical light amongst the public in the future.

This is the start, not the end all of advice.  Grow your business the right way. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa