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#Realtors, Step Your Game Up

The NBA Finals are here and that means everyone on the floor has to step up there game to win the championship.  You can tell certain times during the regular season how players dont really give their 110% until it gets closer to playoff time, then the playoffs, then the finals.  And now, the effort is apparent as they close in on the championship trophy.  Now, you may wonder why I am writing about the NBA finals in an obvious real estate blog.  Well, I am a basketball fanatic, but more so I think we can glean a lot from sports when it comes to our real estate careers.

We are in a market currently locally and around the country where it screams at us as real estate agents to step up our game.  Our “game” is our efforts and strategies, our marketing and expertise, every aspect of our realtor career.  In a great market we increase our efforts just as much as we do in a down market.  In fact, i think in every market, every day, Realtor’s need to be increasing their “game” form the day before.  If we are really passionate about what we do, then we will want to constantly improve our craft.  Realtor’s need to work hard every day to get better at what they do.  Are you?

Here are some ways i suggest all Realtors improve and ramp up their game with:
1. Increase Your Social Media content – add 1 more instagram post per day, 3 more snapchat and instagram stories per day, post 1 more facebook live per week, add a daily post on linkedin to your strategy.  Whatever you are doing on social media, double it.
2.  Increase your real estate content on each major outlet – You should have at the least a real estate #blog, a #podcast, and a weekly #video series.  Make sure you are doing all 3 at least weekly and distribute everywhere! #BeConsistent
3.  Take an extra class – become more of an expert, work harder to know your market stats daily, add an accreditation to your name, go to a #TomFerry conference…whatever you choose, never stop learning.
4.  Build a team – think about how you could expand your real estate business by partnering or starting a real estate team.  Take advantage of the trend and opportunity to exponentially grow your production by building a real estate team today.  Start by partnering with 1 other agent that has strengths you don’t…or…ad an admin (real or virtual) to take some of the mundane and time consuming tasks off your daily plate.

Don wait, step your #realestate game up today! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa