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Eagle Realty Careers –

You know that commercial from Android phones – the one that goes, “together, not the same”? I like that. I really like that. One thing i have tried to bring to our culture as a company is that success looks different for each Realtor. And no matter how you, as a Realtor, define success or what goals you are trying to reach and obtain, my job as a BIC and as an owner is to come alongside and resource you, coach, help, strategize with you on how to get to where you want to be in your career. It is a very real scenario that selling 4 homes this coming year means you reached the goal you set, thus you had a successful year. And another agent in my company told me they want to do 25 transaction sides this year….that’s a very different goal and story of success for that agent.
After have 20 face-to-face meetings with my agents over the last 2 weeks, do you know what i learned? Each had a different goal for 2017. And you know what, that’s ok. And what’s more – how they are going to obtain that goal is slightly different for each agent, and my job is to help them find the best path to reach their destination of success. And i like that. I love that. I like having the diversity in our company culture at Eagle that allows agents to not be cookie cutter and all have to follow the same formula and routine every single day, with some pre-set systems that everyone has to follow.
We are one company…we are not all the same Realtor.