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Realtors, How Sweet Are Your Communication Skills?

It’s a simple question.  Honestly, your communication skills is a simple task.  It really doesn’t seem like it should be too hard for communication to be a quality and proficient talent of most people, especially Realtors.  Communication skills are a necessary part of life (or at least a productive and successful life in my opinion) and it goes even more for those of us who choose Real Estate Sales as our profession and career.  The truth is, one of the biggest complaints amongst buyers, sellers, or just the general public about Realtors is their lack of communication.  Honestly, this is a complaint amongst almost every profession.  So to be fair, it really applies to all people in all work sectors and organizations.

When we say better communication, most people want better frequency, not just understanding.  I mean, most people in my experience want communication even if there is nothing important to communicate.  In addition, you have to learn how to communicate on multiple platforms and in your client/customers/co-workers favorite platform of communication.  This could be phone, text, FB msg, email, Snapchat – which means you need to know HOW to communicate on multiple platforms.  And how to do it natively.  For example – a 3 paragraph text message is not normal behavior using that mode of communication.  In addition, a phone call is not necessary for a simple “YES/NO” type answer.

As our communication skills grow, we will find people think our service is better.  While i hope our Realtor service and expertise is always at the top of our game, the truth could be that you just really have good communication skills and in a way (on the right platform) that matches the client/customer preferred mode of communication.  This will always make you seem like you have better service.

So to recap:
-Communicate frequently (even if there is nothing to report…report there is nothing to report)
– Communicate in the mode/platform that fits the way your client/customer wants to communicate
– Communication will always make your service and expertise level look better — Career — Chris Ward BIC Page — @EagleRealtySC — @EagleRealtySC
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@chriswardbic — Soundcloud