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Ok – if you didn’t know, our company Eagle Realty is based in North Myrtle Beach, SC , in prime path of Hurricane Florence this week.  We pray for everyone who stayed in Horry County and the Myrtle Beach area, and thank God for the storm weakening slightly, but destruction and power outage and flooding, and everything that comes with a major storm is still expected.  Continue to pray for #SC and the Carolina’s during hurricane florence, but what does a hurricane mean for real estate in the area?

Having been through a few hurricane’s in my career, there are a couple things to expect.  First, as a #realtor, we need to know there will be delays in closings.  Homes are usually re-appraised after a named storm like this.  So any pending sales you may need to get extensions for.

Secondly, take the time to keep your clients updated if they dont live here.  Check on their properties and give updates.  Be extra communicative through social media, email, text, phone as much as possible after the storm.

Lastly – be ready to help anyone in need!  Let’s define our industry and profession as real estate agents and Realtors as one that is ready to help our community, and the people in it.  There will be plenty to help clean up, restore, donate to, re-build, and more after hurricane’s like Florence and others hit our coast in Myrtle Beach.  So let’s be a profession and industry in real estate that leads the charge to help wherever there is a need in our communities! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa