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Realtors, We Are In The #People Business

I was recording my Alexa Flash Briefing weekly segment this morning (actually a couple of them) and I mentioned this in my 90 Seconds For Your Real Estate Career on Alexa.  Shameless plug (it’s managed through  But, in it i talked about how we are not in a purely transactional business all about property.  If you are long term successful in real estate you realize your business is built on your ability to form bonds and relationships with human beings.  With real people.  People, yes, looking to buy or sell real estate.  But, you have to be able to connect with those people through trust and expertise demonstration for a transaction to occur.

As our company gets ready to conclude our Client Appreciation Month with our month end Client Party this week, and in the midst of all that is going on in our area of Horry County in post-hurricane Florence devastation, this rings even more true.  Our priority is people.  As Realtor’s, if we make people our focus instead of a commission check or a successful closing, it is amazing how our business open up with potential for growth.

What can you do in your business right now to put a more #human focus back into it?  Client appreciation parties or gifts.  Birthday recognitions of your clients kids or pets?  A pumpkin spice latte give away (tis’ the season!)?  Easter Egg hunt for your clients and their families (or neighborhood)? There are so many ideas!  Not too mention the giving back.  Volunteer, donate resources and money, get involved in causes that matter where you can impact lives locally and internationally.  There is so much #good we can do as real estate agents.  So go do it for the #people! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa