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Realtors, What’s Missing From Your Plate?

I like to eat.  One thing i hate is not being able to fit all i want on my plate at a buffet or at Thanksgiving.  Even more than that, it sickens me that with all the food produced in this world we live in there are still hungry people and children all over the planet.  Having worked with kids and people in various countries to experience this first hand has always left a lasting impression on me.  Whether you look at it as not having enough room on your plate for what you want, or not having enough on your plate to satisfy what you need – we all need to stop and analyze what’s missing from your plate.

Our Real Estate career as professionals requires a constant evaluation of our business and the health of our business.  Does it have the right sustaining pieces to allow growth and thriving for the now and the future?  This requires to not just see what we have, but we need to take a hard look at what we may be missing.

I could be:
– Not enough cash flow (need better commission strucutre?)
– Reached a production plateau (need to build/add a team member?)
– Lost the fun of Real Estate (being too micr-managed or treated like an employee?)
– Not enough leads (have you learned how to lead generate with your sphere and not just paid leads?)
– Each transaction is stressful (do you have systems and processes in place to create work flow?)
– Can’t grow your business (do you have a broker/mentor to come alongside and help?)

Any of these along with many others could be missing from your plate as a real estate agent.  You need to see which one, and find a way to add it. And if it it can’t be done in your current situation, you need to change your situation.  Find the solution no matter the cost or change that may need to occur.  Why?  Because your Realtor career is worth it! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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