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Realtors: What’s Your #Sound Like?

Not what do you sound like, but what’s your sound like?  What do i mean?  How are you using your voice as a Realtor?  Do you realize how big this space is and going to be?  You probably don’t.  Know one realizes the big stuff very early or else we would all be billionaires.  But, if you are not producing content and bringing value in the voice spaces available in the marketing realm right now you are missing out on potential current and future business for your real estate career.  Not to mention building your brand.  Alexa, Google Home, Apple POD, podcasts, Anchor, soundbites, Soundcloud, so many arenas.  Companies like an affiliate of mine and business partner, are helping Realtors and all business people get their voice on the Alexa device (Google Home coming soon).  What you need to figure out, is where to start.  Here is what i suggest for you to make sure audio and voice are a part of your Realtor marketing strategy.

  1. Start a podcast:  Podcasting has come along way in the last decade.  Yes, the “radio” is back!  Passive listening is becoming stronger and stronger since you can multi-task while listening to a podcast vs. watching a video.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean stop video.  In real estate it is still the proven medium.  But, adding  podcast that provides value (like local events, how to series, DIY tips, team building motivation, etc.) and deliver your content to more audience than video alone.  Plus you may be doing video(s) that could double as a podcast just by pulling the audio. is an easy way to get your podcast online and then to iTunes.
  2. Get a Flash Briefing on Alexa: Yes, sort of a shameless plug.  You can go on the Amazon store and search in SKILLS for my flash briefing “The Myrtle Beach Real Estate Minute”.  I use our affiliate to get my recorded audio easily up in the Amazon store.  They have tutorials that take you step by step on how to get set up and it really is easy.  And for like $14 a month, well worth it!  Then, promote it to your audience and clients and everyone to add to their Alexa device so your voice can bring them value everyday!
  3. Double Up Your Content:  Video yourself recording a podcast – or – if you have a video show where you give a market update in your area or go check out local hotspots to show yourself as the local and community expert, use the audio as a podcast.  You don’t have to double your work, but you can easily double your reach and audience by re-purposing your audio (or video your audio).

Remember, i am of the persuasion that #morecontent is better.  Don’t aim for the perfect piece of content….aim for as much content as possible that brings value! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa